About us

Prior to setting up the consultancy business, Steve worked for Zurich Insurance, where he spent 29 years in a variety of leadership positions within its UK General Insurance business. He is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a member of the Insurance Brokers Standards Committee within the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA)

Steve was responsible for developing Zurich’s major corporate customer proposition and latterly as head of its corporate business segment. He led Zurich in its value based customer and broker offerings and in doing so addressed multiple complex issues such as:

  • Strategic direction and leadership
  • Customer needs
  • Internal culture
  • External image and competitive position
  • Readiness for change
  • Communications

Most recently, Steve led sector specific strategies in Zurich’s European operations and led the focus on international cross border solutions.

The key learning from 30 years within the commercial industry is that the industry pretty much gets what it deserves. In failing to be innovative about how they get customers, keep them and ensure loyalty, the industry repeats the same old mistakes. We believe that helping customers make conscious buying decisions and taking the focus away from the annual moment in time every year where customers are invited to leave, is a simple and effective strategy.

Risk should be on the agenda for any organisation. We help brokers and insurers to be an automatic point of reference on risk issues. Ensuring businesses are better prepared for the risk of corporate failure and possible criminal and civil claims reinforces our message around the nonsense that is annual renewal dates.